1. Song For Susan

From the recording The Way That I Wish It Was

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Song For Susan

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Maggie Fraser-vocals. Chris Bartos-violins/moog bass. Alec Fraser-acoustic guitar.


Song For Susan

Dreaming the world in Indigos
Dreaming the world in blues
We’re out in the stars again my friend
Walking without our shoes
Wind unravels the years
Sorrows and joys and fears and fun
Wading on through the tears
Into the rising sun

Why do I hear your voice, my dear
Sing in the veils of dawn
Why do I hear your voice so clear
They told me you were gone
Yours sweet face in the sun
Chases the ragged dark away
Did you promise to come
Bring us another day

(repeat 2nd verse)

(repeat 1st verse)

Into the rising sun