From the recording The Way That I Wish It Was

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Our Little Canoe

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Maggie Fraser-vocals. James McKie-mandolin/bodhran. Alec Fraser-bass/keyboards.


Our Little Canoe

Our little canoe, on the high seas of poetry
The storm winds of tragedy, will you carry us through
Our little canoe, through the arms of the drowning
The sea pulls them down, will they slip through our hands

Our little canoe, onward we travel
Though kingdoms unravel and time falls away

Our little canoe, on waves of emotion
The fathomless ocean, with no star to guide
Our little canoe, the cries of the living
The songs of the dying, all call to you

Our little canoe, carry us over
To the bright lands on the other side
I know you can take us there
All the way home
Through the grey curtain of rain
To the white shores and the green hills
Under a swift sunrise